Embed your page using the WordPress plugin

Use the Wordpress plugin to automatically generate an iframe on your Wordpress website

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To use this plugin, please begin by downloading this editor: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/ 

Our WordPress plugin allows you to display your page one of three ways on your website.

  • A button with a link

  • Embed it in your page

  • Modal pop-up

Note: This is only available on wordpress.org, not wordpress.com sites 

Login to WordPress. Hover over Plugins and select Add New. 

Search keyword Webconnex then click Install Now. 

Click OK.

Click Activate Plugin.

NOTE:  Once you see this screen, it means the plugin has been successfully installed.

You will now see the Add Webconnex Form button when you are in the WYSIWYG field in any Post or Page. 

Click that button when you are ready to link a Webconnex page.

When clicked, a popup will appear. This is where you paste your form URL.  

It is also where you select the format to link your form - a button, embedding the form, or a modal (samples below). 

SAMPLE of the embed option:

SAMPLE of a button:  

This button can either pop your form up in a modal or it can open your form in a new tab.

SAMPLE of popup:

This is your page hovering over your Wordpress website.  This is our favorite option because it will drop them right back onto your website once they complete the form.

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