Stripe Payment Processor Setup

How to set up Stripe payment processor in RegFox.

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Stripe is a custom payment processor that is compatible with RegFox. In this article, we will cover:

  • Custom processor fee and billing

  • Set up

Custom Processor Fee & Billing

There is a 1% custom processor fee to use this payment processor. Both the 1% and the $0.99 +1% per ticket will be billed monthly to a card on file.

Cost Summary: $0.99 + 1% per paid registrant with a maximum fee of $4.99 + 1% custom gateway fee + Stripe processing fees.

1. Set-Up

Click on "Payment Processors" under your Account Settings

2. Add a new Payment Processor

3. Click "Link Stripe Account" once the following fields are completed:

  • Payment Method: Select Credit Card

  • Provider: Select Stripe Connect

  • Reference Label: Is whatever label you want to call this payment processor for you to reference it as you add it to Pages.

  • Currencies: You only need to select the currencies you are processing in. (I.e. if you are receiving your funds in USD, you would put USD.)

4. You will be redirected to Stripe to finish adding your account setup:

Login into your Stripe Account using your existing email.
If you do not have a stripe account, enter an email to create your Stripe account.

If you already have a Stripe account: Stripe will confirm if you want to use previously saved information for this account, or if you'd like to create a new business.

If you are creating a Stripe account for the first time: Stripe will ask you for professional details, public business information, personal details, and payout information. This information is collected to ensure your business is legitimate. You cannot process transactions until you finish filling out the required information.

  • Details Stripe Connect will request:

    • Are you an Individual, Business or Organization?

    • Personal Details (Ie name, Email, Date of Birth, Address)

    • Last 4 SSN digits (The last 4 digits of your SSN are only used to verify your identity—no credit checks.)

    • Link your personal or business bank account details that you want the money to be deposited into.


If you leave Stripe before clicking "Agree & Submit", you will not be able to process payments on our pages until you complete their Onboarding Process.

After clicking "Agree & Submit", Stripe will review your information. When your Payment Processing account is ready to process transactions, it will show "Active" in our Settings:

You can now add this Payment Method to your Ticket Pages!


  1. 3DS and SCA Authentication.

    • These banking regulations are designed to help process payments and keep fraud as low as possible.

    • 3DS is not controlled by Stripe or the merchant, it's presented by the Bank.

    • 3D secure documentation -
      Stripe triggers a 3D secure process if the customer's card supports the 3D secure authentication process or if their bank is mandated by the SCA regulation.

    • Stripe triggers 3DS automatically if required by a regulatory mandate such as Strong Customer Authentication. You can also use Radar rules to control when to prompt customers to complete 3DS authentication, making a determination for each user based on the desired parameters.

    • When you run 3D Secure, Stripe requires your customer to perform authentication to complete the payment if 3DS authentication is available for a card.

    • If a card doesn’t support 3DS or an error occurs during the authentication process, the payment proceeds normally.

  2. If a customer is not getting the notification from their bank.

    • The customer is to complete the 3DS authentication. Ask them to check if there's any pop-up blocker from the device that they are using and please be informed that the 3DS experience is being served by the customer's bank and not by Stripe. If they confirm that there's no pop-up blocker from the device then they need to check in further with the bank if there's any known issue.

  3. Transaction Pending Use Action,

    • Your customer needs to authenticate the transaction with their bank.

  4. Transaction Declined, Gateway Message Requires Action.

    • Your customer needed to authenticate the transaction with their bank but they failed to do it in time.

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