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If you're using WePay you can easily view and export payout reports within your account. Payouts are the payout summaries from your RegFox transactions. In the Payout Report, you'll find a breakdown of all transactions, including refunds and chargebacks, in each settlement. It will be fast and easy to calculate your net revenue!

Click on Payouts in your Reports dropdown.

You can filter by Product or Processor.

Select Details to view the transactions in each settlement.

Upon clicking the details of the payout, you'll be taken to a screen itemizing each transaction, the fees, and net deposit amount in that payout. Here is a sample screenshot of what this report looks like.

The details page will show the date, product, billing name, page name, amount, fees deducted, and net amount will display for each transaction. You can also export this information with a deposit report.

In the transaction report, you can also include the settle date and the settled amount to be included in the export.

Cross-referencing the Payout summary with the order, transaction, and other exports

Reconciling your financial books is an aspect of running your business and having accurate data is critical for the task.

The Payout Summary is an export business owners and managers download for reconciliation. Here are key factors to know when using this export for the task.

  1. The payout summary is a date-based list of transactions, credit, and debit.

  2. When an order is changed, edited, or added that results in a charge or refund the original data in the payout summary will not change. The new transaction information will be in the date-appropriate payout summary.

  3. If a transaction that is listed in the payout summary is not showing in the order export, it's most likely due to the order status.
    Look up that order in your control panel and check if the order status is anything other than completed. If the order status is canceled, transferred, or anything else then your order export should export all statuses'.

  4. The event page transaction export may not match your payout summary exactly IF multiple events are operating at the same time. Export all active events at the same time to match the payout summary.

FAQs -

What if I'm not using WePay?

This feature is only available with WePay. If you're using a different processor, these details will not pull into our system. You can export a net revenue report from the processor instead.

Can I change the deposit settings?

Yes, you can login to your WePay account and adjust the settings there. You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly deposits.

What if there is no information listed under details?

You can click Request Report to re-ping the processor, which will sync the data back to the RegFox side.

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