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This option not only allows you to automatically populate data on your page, it's also a powerful tool when linked to actions.

Add a text field to your page. 

If you're using this set up for tracking, label the field "Source". Turn the required setting off and the invisible setting on. The field should read "source" in the Reference Name shown below.

Locate your page URL. 

You can click View Published in your builder to view the live page.

Add ?registrants. to the end of the URL

Add the Reference Name of the text field. 

In this example, the reference name is source. 

Add a = and whatever value you'd like to plug into the text field. 

In this example, I'm going to use VIP as the value. 

Done! That URL will now plug the value 'VIP' into the text field.

This works when the field is visible or invisible. It will also pull into exports as its own column.

PRO Tip! 

You can also use this set up to trigger an action. 

For example, say that only VIP guests get a free meal at my event. I can set up an action like this... 

Now I've created a URL that shows options only VIP guests can see. You can also use this trigger to apply a discount, show an exclusive ticket level, or pre-select certain options. 

FAQs - 

How many custom URLs can I create? 

As many as you need! All you have to do is customize the value that follows the equal sign. 

Can I plug in symbols?

It's not recommended. For example, we wouldn't recommend this setup to plug in an email address because of the @ symbol and the extra .com 

What else can I do with an invisible text field? 

You can check out some ideas and clever "hacks"  on our blog. And if you've found another trick we haven't thought of, tell us about it in the comments!

What if I would like to use a different reference name?

The reference name for the field is set to be whatever the field is labeled the first time you hit done. It cannot be changed after the initial save because it's used as an identifier for exports. 

To customize this reference name, you can... 

  1. Add a new field 

  2. Label the field what you'd like the reference name to be

  3. Hit done

  4. Edit the field and update the label or options (the reference name will be locked in)

Important! Do not delete fields that have already collected information. These steps are only recommended prior to going live.  


How do I prefill URL's for multiple fields?

To prefill multiple fields, separate with a & symbol. Then format for pre-filling first AND last name fields

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