If you're using Webconnex Payments (WePay), a WePay account will be created for you during setup.

You'll see 4 tabs when you login - Home, Reporting, Settings, and Security. 

You can log in to that account anytime. 


The home page will have an overview of your recent activity. The last settlement, last transaction, and next settlement will display on the dashboard. 


The reporting page will have a list of your payments, settlements, and chargebacks. You can download a CSV report of the activity from the corresponding tabs. 


The settings page will have an overview of the verified account information, the settlement details (bank information) provided, members on the account, and account alerts. 

Note: You can update the bank information on file under the Settlement Details tab. 


The security page will have the email and password on file for the account, the option to add additional verification, and the verification details needed (if applicable). 

If there is any action needed, it will be notated with blue banner messages at the top of the page. 

If you're not seeing the desired information listed, try toggling accounts in the top, right corner. 

Any gateway under the same email will be linked. 

FAQs - 

How can I update the name that appears on my Registrant's bank statements? 

By default, it will pull in the WPY*(Organization Name). It will list the Organization name you provided at verification. 

However, you can request to update it to something else by using this form to contact WePay directly. 

WePay Overview on Settlements (Deposits)

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