Switching Payment Processors

Change Payment Processor

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Start by checking the labels on your Payment Processor. If you need to, re-label them for clarity. 

In this example, I re-labeled my processor to easily distinguish which one was new. 

Next, edit your existing page by selecting the pencil icon. 

Select Payment Methods under your Settings dropdown. 

You can see which processor is currently linked here. 

Change the Payment Processor by deleting the current Payment Processor and adding the one you want to the page.

Save and publish your changes. 

You will then see the change listed under Basic Setup. 

Note: The page must be published to a payment processor before the processor can be switched. If no processor is selected, select Publish and select the desired payment processor.


What happens to the old payment processor? 

The processor will remain in your account unless it is deleted out. Deleting a processor out of your account will not automatically delete its existence, it will simply remove it from your linked payment processor options. 

Will I still be able to issue refunds for past registrations? 

Yes. Our system will still issue refunds via the former processor. 

Will this disrupt my form at all? 

No. When you hit publish, it will seamlessly update the live page. You won't see any interruption in processing due to this change as long as your new processor is properly verified.

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