Check In App

The check-in app allows you to check-in your registrants in record time.  It helps to make packet pickup and race day a breeze.

The check-in app is compatible with iOs devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod on iOs 8 or newer.  You can download the app by searching 'RegFox in the iTunes store, or you can  download the app here.

To download data and use the check-in app, follow these steps:


In your campaign, click on the Check-In tab


Click New App Key

This is to create the QR code that will pull the registration fields and registrant data into your check-in app.


Name this app key and move the registration fields to the box on the right and click Generate App Key

These will be the fields that pull into the check-in app when you are using the app.


Once you download the app, you will want to scan this QR code to download the registrant data to your app

You will be able to see real-time updates of how many are registered, how many are checked in and how many are rem aining

When you are logged in, you can click check-in to scan the QR code from registrant confirmation emails.  You can also lookup people if they forgot their email.

When you scan someone, you will want to chick on the box at the top to scan them in.

Once you have scanned people in, you will then be able to view their checked in Status/time in their registration details as seen below.  'Checked In Time' will be available for export as well.